Business Club


The Gurudham Business Club guarantees it’s member’s success in business absolutely risk free. That’s why we created the “Trial Membership”. During the first six month of the membership each member is given the chance for a try-out. This means the new member pays a percentage of their INCREASE in income.

Let us give you an example. Let’s say Mr. M has a company that makes $100,000 profit per year. The growth rate of his business over the last year has been $0, this means his company made the same profit the year before. In a non-seasonal business this comes to more or less $50,000 in six month. Mr. M’s company fits our model and he get’s approved for the business Club. He becomes a partial member. In the next six months he makes $79,000. As a partial member only pays 10% of the increase of $29,000, so he pays $2,900 to the Club.

After six months Mr. M can decide if he wants to become a full member or not. If he decides to become a full member, he starts paying 10% of the full company profit.

In his case if he makes $85,000 profit in the second half of the year, he will give $8500 to the Club.

We are confident in our abilities to make the decisive difference in your business, your venture, or your career once we decide to choose to work with you. Our success rate is at close to 100%.  This is why we are the only business coaching organization in the world that can afford to work on the basis of results. In other words, if we can’t help you succeed, we don’t get paid.


We are so confident in our and your success and that you will benefit beyond your wildest dreams, that we do not ask you for any ongoing commitments. If at any point you change your mind and feel like you want to leave the club and want to stop paying membership fees, you are free to leave without being contractually bound. We will instead shake your hand and wish you fare well.


As a member you will receive tremendous attention. You will receive two rituals per week, infusing you, your company, your employees and your clients with the energy needed to make your business flourish and grow. Success is almost certain. And if you feel like this is not enough, you can leave anytime without any questions asked.

How to start


Fill out the application. If your application is pre-approved as viable for the Gurudham Business Club, one  of our associates will give you a call to discuss your case in more detail.


After this phone call we will decide if we want to work with you or not. If you are approved you will have to invest in a plane ticket to meet Guru Bhaneshwaranand in person at his Ashram India. We recommend a stay of three to seven days.


At the Ashram Guru Bhaneshwaranand will start creating the energetic changes for you and your business that are needed to lift your business to it’s next level. He will then perform two rituals per week for you and your venture to ensure it’s success.

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