Find peace at the Ashram

You are at this point in your life when you want to slow down, connect deeply with who you are and reflect on some topics?

Do you want to focus on your own spiritual journey in its core to be stronger, more spiritual and more satisfied?

Is your life all sorted, but you know how important it is to keep your balance and you want to treat yourself with the spiritual and personal self-care our Ashram can provide so you can go on living your life to the fullest?

Do you have a special topic you need to adress with spiritual advice from the master, so your life comes in balance again?

If you answered any of those questions above with a yes, we are the right adress for you.

A stay in our Ashram will provide you the peace, answers, spiritual development or intervention you currently need the most in the intensity and length that serves your highest good. We made it our purpose to support you with everything you currently need. Our lovely team will make you feel soloved and ensure that you get everything you need all around the clock. We offer a wide range from different spiritual practices you can choose from for an affordable all-in-one package price. It is not about the money for us, it is about you.

We will be at your highest service and you will get the chance to talk to Guru Bhaneshwaranand about your private matters whenever you need it. The insights and wisdom that he will pass onto you cannot be compared to anything you experienced yet. But what do we talk about – try it yourself!


Where and what is an ASHRAM?

An Ashram is the modest and quiet place Indian Gurus traditionally own and it provides a highly charged atmosphere which makes it ideal for profound spiritual and personal transformation. This is a place where you feel calm and home the minute you enter and it will bring you the joy and happiness you were looking for.

Our own Ashram is located in the Indian city Vadodara within the lush and fertile countryside of the state Gujarat. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from the next international airport, from where we always pick you up personally.

Choose your Personal Retreat –

The Ashram as an oasis for your peace and relaxation

During a stay in our Ashram, you will be able to strenghten your soul, recharge your batteries and become happier and healthier than you have ever been to be fully you. Through a practical guidance of yoga classes, private meditation sessions and by talking to Guru Bhaneshwaranand about your current situation, we equip you with a practical system of strategies and insights, which help you to continue a balanced, healthy and peaceful life at home. You will feel a difference in your body, mind and soul immediately after you start working with us! All of our techniques help you to increase peace and relaxation inside yourself and if you book a personal retreat, Guru Baneshwaranand and his team will make sure you leave the Ashram with the answers and tools you need for your own successful and unique journey.

Please learn more about the offers in the sub sections:


You long to come out of the noise of the world into silence? You are ready to listen to your inner voice, and you want to find the essence in your life? Both ego and fear cause stress in us, resulting in nervous or wandering thoughts, which can hinder our mind to remain calm. That can cause everydays trouble for us, become an energy drainer or makes you loose sight of the important things in life. We know that reducing and controlling your thoughts is not as easy and therefore we teach Pranayam meditation that enables your mind to calm down.


Yoga is a philosophical teaching originating from India that includes a series of mental and physical exercises or practices. Join us every morning when Guru Bhaneshwaranand instructs the yoga class in a sequence of Asasanas, that are designed to deepen our consciousness, trigger transcendence and free our body and soul.


Our pure, enlightened soul Trushna is a highly gifted cook that will serve you the best Indian food you will ever get. All meals are prepared with local and fresh organic ingredients and each dish is designed to support your health in the higest manner to ensure you’ll be wonderfully satisfied and purring with goodness.

Private Q&A with the Master

Individual treatment and attention is key at our Ashram. No person is the same as any other and we value everyone’s individual path. You will get the chance to schedule as many private appointments as you want with Guru Bhaneshwaranand, so you can ask all of your questions. Our mission is to help everyone forward on their own path with our strongest and most sincere efforts. If we can touch and warm your soul, we are doing a great job.


Our Ashram provides you a stress-free environment away from daily chaotic life. Spend some time on inner reflection or the bigger questions in life throughout our whole Ashram area. We have a beautiful roof top, vast green fields with coconut trees around and a double bed room equipped for your with your own bathroom, shower and Air Conditioning, so you can completely feel at home.

If you decided a personal stay in our Ashram is what serves your highest good right now, we will be grateful to welcome you. Please check the calendar for available dates and book your stay with us below. Whether you come to awaken your soul, release stress, overcome fear and anger or to break free from everything that holds you back, guidance and rewarding relaxation in a spiritual environment await you.

If you need help to find a cheap flight or a good flight connection, one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you preparing your stay. You can also use the contact form to ask any remaining questions. Either way, you will receive a booking confirmation from us and an email with the most relevant information to get the most out of your stay. We cannot wait to meet you!

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