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Vedic Astrology is an ancient science which can be traced back thousands of ears. It explains planetary motions and positions with respect to the time and its effects on humans. According to Vedic astrology, there are 27 constellations that make up 12 zodiac signs, which are itself defined by 9 planets and their effects on earth. 12 houses with each house and planet represent furthermore some aspect of the human life, we examine

The art of astrology helps us to understand and acquire information about a person’s personality, their greatest strengths, but also their weaknesses and areas to improve. Vedic astrology itself s a special kind of astrology, because Vedic astrologers create and study an astrological chart popularly known as the Birth Chart or Kundali based on the position of the stars at the moment of your birth. Through the knowledge of one’s birth chart, meaningful and successful choices can be achieved with the help of astrology when we want to direct our future in a desired way. Guru Bhaneshwaranand therefore provides personal in-depth chart readings or matching analyses with your prospective) partner to guide you where ever necessary. Both horoscope types enable you to enhance strengths in your life/good qualities in your relationship and prevents you from further ill effects that reveal themselves in the horoscope.


Vedic Astrology is more precise than other astrologies. We can advise you in depth and more clearly than other astrologies about things as your personality, first impressions, leadership or new initiatives visible in your first house. Your income, overall money, or self-esteem as traceable in the second house, performance in educational systems and schools, teachers and community affairs in the third house, as well as your relationship with your mother,  children or your own mothering abilities and nurturing capabilities in the fourth house. Furthermore the fifth house shows predispositions in self-expression, drama,
creativity, attention or romance, the sixth house exposes diseases or whether or not you have strong enemies in this life. The seventh house represents constellations towards your life partner, business partnerships or contracts, and the 8th house shows death or sexual power (8th house) and also the nineth house reveals a lot of information about many things as your higher mind, your inspiration, optimism level, luck, risks, adventures, or morals and ethics. Finally, the tenth house points out your public image, fame, honors, achievements or fatherhood, the eleventh house shows your predispostion for spirituality and the twelth house can show expenses or imprisonment.

“ The movement of planets has an impact on earth and the lives living on earth.”

Guru Bhaneshwaranand


Horoscope matching for romantic couples $99

Guru Bhaneshwaranand gives advices towards love,health for both partners, destiny, existing thought patters,predisposition for dominance patterns in the future and overall compatibility of both the partners

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Personal Chart Reading $75

Guru Bhaneshwaranand guides you through every house and its meaning for your life in a 20min call

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